Pearse Street Consulting is a professional web and graphic design company, specializing in full-service new media solutions for professionals, small businesses, non-profits and corporate clients. Our team of innovative thinkers, progressive programmers and detail-obsessed graphic designers work together to bring you a complete web presence. Feel free to contact any of us directly for more information on your project needs.
FUCHSIA McINERNEY | President & Designer

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I am a product of the Internet revolution! I was manuevering MS DOS at age seven and by high school I was making my first website on Yahoo Geocities. Oh, how times have changed! Nowadays I get tremors if I’m too far from my high-speed Internet connection, and I’m basically a professional design junkie.What began as a hobby with my personal website, in a few short years became my first passion. While completing my English degree at Smith College, on the side I expanded my programming knowledge and honed my editorial and design skills. I spent my first post-grad year working for local lifestyle publication, DESTIN MAGAZINE, where I enjoyed a crash-course in journalism and professional editing, added another commercial website to my portfolio and ultimately found the inspiration to wear the entrepreneur hat myself.At the helm of Pearse Street Consulting, I am the lead MySpace designer and marketing “Guru.” When I am not nose-to-nose with the computer, I spend every spare moment with my 1-year-old son and my husband, who works as a fire fighter. When I can put three seconds together and I’m not playing peek-a-boo, making dinner or writing emails, I try to write a poem or two.
Member: National Assoc. of Photoshop Professionals, Lynn Area Chamber of Commerce B.A. Smith College 2004
MELISSA COTE | Design Assistant
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I would have to say creativity is my passion. Anything that does not give me the freedom to express myself seems to down right bore me. In fact, math problems and scientific equations actually force me into a deep slumber. Yet, give me a design program, paint brush, pencil or camera and I am not only entertained but I am so deeply engulfed in happiness, I am lost for days in my own world.I knew designing was the path I was being drawn toward (no pun intended) even as a child. While all the other children were playing games in gym class, I would sneak to the art room alone. I continued this ritual at my high school Academy, where I took four years of Art and Theory to build my portfolio.As the technology era rapidly grew, I did as well, branching out from drawing to graphic design. In my non-existent space and time I wrote a few chapters to a novel and took photographs to incorporate into my technical-driven design work. After two years of Graphic Design and Business courses in college, I yearned for life experience in the field.I love nothing more than assisting at Pearse Street because each day I get to live my passion to the fullest, which is a rare occurrence in life. And above everything else, I get to be involved in working with the best MySpace designers out there!
JONATHAN McINERNEY | Internet Marketing
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When I’m not working as a full-time fire fighter, I’m doing keyword research and managing the online marketing campaigns for Pearse Street and our clients. I’m the keeper of our trade secrets and the strategist for getting your MySpace page or website in the top search engine rankings.During a tour in Baghdad I decided to make the most of my desert days by familiarizing myself with the website design basics. I soon found my talent for spying valuable domains, optimizing website content and launching them to the sacred Top Ten in Google.
JUSTIN OLSEN | Increasingly Notorious Content Writer
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Look at Pearse Street. Look at it all lined up here, a family of strapping creative and business-minded net junkies. Kind of makes you proud, doesn’t it? Eye-catching design, flawless code, pearly smiles…wait? Who’s that? The tweedy one? An anaemic cousin?Yep, I’m the one with a book on the subway, on the stairs, on the sidewalk, at the bar, and in the shower. No books? Fine. I’ll just sidle up to my laptop and surf the net, maybe check out MySpace and WHAM! Bad grammar, too many exclamation points, mixed metaphor, misspellings, and is that even a word? What is this person trying to say?The best thing about my work with Pearse Street is seeing the kind of information that clients might provide in an Excel document transformed into text that makes a good argument or puts a smile to someone’s face. Your website is a resource, and it should be as compelling as anything on your bookshelf.