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My First Week

My first week at Pearse Street went well. I’ve already learned a great deal about web design, most of which has surprised me. Running a successful web design business is no cake walk. The team has to constantly push to get projects out the door yet stick to our strict quality standards. After many combined hours of hard work the result is an elegant and effective web presence for our clients.
On the coding side I’ve already remembered and learned more about how important it is to be creative in the design process. Even for things that seem cut and dry there is always room for innovative solutions. I spent several hours last week tweaking a CSS stylesheet just to rid a layout of a few black pixels that weren’t getting hidden properly. It was tedious but necessary for the quality of the site.
I also remembered how important it is to use all of your resources. Photoshop brushes can help you speed up creating impressive work. Web design would be impossible with out the using the support of the design community.
Its unfortunate I only have two weeks left of my internship, but it has already been quite rewarding.

Launch Update: Movies & Musicians


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Ancient Secrets

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Ancient Secrets

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