Notable Highlights Of The Cheapest Chromebook

When a person wants to buy a new computer, then it will be a very good idea to have a look at the Chromebook. Especially, when the work of a person is related to the frequent access to internet, sending emails or word documents, then Chromebook is the very good option to make. But if the person is a graphic designer or a gamer, then it will be better to avoid the usage of Chromebook. This is a choice that will suit the people who want to buy cheap laptops that have a very good performance in it.

In fact, there are numerous manufacturers who have started to manufacture the Chromebook and the cheapest among them is the Hisense Chromebook, and the price of this starts from $149. The performance of this system will surely amaze the user when it is compared with the price tag of it. This Chromebook has a hard disk space of 16 GB, and it also has the 2 GB quad core processor in it. This is the prime reason for the device to be powerful, and this will also help in performing the work in a more efficient manner. The majority of the parts in the laptop are made of plastic but still some of the parts are made out of aluminum.

Another added advantage of this is its light weight and thin structure. The weight of the Chromebook will be around 2.3 pounds. The sound system of this Chromebook will be decent, and this will be located on the backside of it. In order to avoid sliding while typing this also has four rubber pads. The resolution of this is 1366×768, and this has a high definition display in the Hisense Chromebook. This also has a microphone and 720p camera at the front. The battery life will also last up to 8.5 hours.

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